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When I formed Net Objectives in 1999, I did it on the basis of adding value to our clients. As time went on that vision expanded to aiding the industry in general. Our mode of operation has always been to help educate people by offering free seminars and webinars and talking at conferences as well. Our consultants have provided a steady stream of blogs, webinars (with recordings), podcasts, books and more. This has resulted in an overwhelming amount of intellectual property. To make this more accessible, we offer you the Net Objectives’ Portal. Read More

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The Lean-Agile portal supports your efforts to transform to a Lean-Agile organization by describing Net Objectives’ approach to Lean-Agile transformation. Transformation requires shifting culture, organizational structure, activities and mindsets. This requires an understanding of Lean-Agile methods as well as a community in which to continuously improve – essentially transformation through learning in a community. The Lean-Agile Framework provides a visual layout of the required components. What to do is obviously important. Education is provided in multiple dimensions. One must build community if growth and sustainability are to be achieved. The Net Objectives portal facilitates this by integrating forums with all of the information on the portal.

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page_exploreroleExplore Your Role shows the resource of the Lean-Agile portal that will most likely help you with your job. For your role, you will find featured resources, how get started in learning about your role, going deeper, how your role fits in a Lean-Agile transformation, and how it fits in the context of Lean-Agile.

The Lean-Agile Framework and Transformation

Transformation is long term change. It requires shifting culture, organizational structure, activities and mindsets. The Lean-Agile Framework provides a visual layout of the essential components required to realize a transformation to Lean-Agile. The Transformation page in the library offers many articles to guide you in this most critical area.


Learning is critical. The portal supports your learning in a variety of ways: with the visual navigations, Reading Paths, and a library of resources. Education is provided in multiple dimensions. Reading Paths provide self-directed readings by role and by topic. The Library offers the full collection of our knowledge base organized by practices, roles, overall guidance. And if you want additional training or coaching, visit the Net Objectives Training page.