Why You Should Consider Growing In-house Scrum Masters Instead of Bringing In Outside Scrum Masters

When adopting Scrum it is critical to have Scrum Masters who both understand Scrum and who understand how your company’s culture and products/services. The trade off between learning Scrum more deeply to take on the Scrum Master role and understanding your culture can readily be tipped in favor of using your own people by providing your Scrum Masters with a support system.

This system must include:

It’s often assumed that bringing in experienced outside Scrum Masters is the next best step after ScrumMaster training. But if you have people who already understand Scrum and have a good attitude working with others, that may not be the case. Consider this, how many weeks is it going to take for outsiders to learn your domain, culture and people. What is the risk if they don’t fit? You already have people you know. They just need more experience.  In any event you will be investing in your own people.

If you are interested in learning more about this approach see ScrumMaster Coaching Academy