Webinars and Podcasts

Net Objectives routinely offers podcasts and webinars on a variety of Lean-Agile topics. Below are recent recordings that are especially important for Lean-Agile practitioners.

Webinar recordings

Net Objectives hosts webinar series to explore important topics in Lean-Agile. You can register for upcoming webinar events as well as find the current webinar series on the Free/Low-Cost Events page of the Net Objectives website.

Here are recordings from past webinar sessions:


Lean-Agile Straight Talk podcast

Lean-Agile Straight Talk is a regular podcast series from Net Objectives featuring interviews with Al Shalloway and with Net Objectives coaches and trainers. You can sign up for regular updates in iTunes or your newsreader.

Here are recent episodes from Lean-Agile Straight Talk:


Other sources

Net Objectives instructors are featured in episodes of other podcasts.