Library and Resources

Page_LibraryThe Library and Resources page offers reading material, audios, videos, blogs and more to help you. To make it easier to find and access these resources, they have been collected into some major topics (roles, practices, transformation, books, papers, and artifacts) and subtopics.

Disciplines and Practices

These are some of the primary disciplines and practices involved in Lean-Agile. Most disciplines and practices involve more than one role.

Reference Books, Papers, Materials

A helpful set of readings, papers, and documents to help you in Lean-Agile. Categories include a Glossary of Lean-Agile Terms, Lean-Agile Executives and Transformation Agents, Management, Becoming Lean-Agile, Product Portfolio Management, Team Agility, Technical Agility, and Leanban.


The delivery of value involves the effort of people from all across the value stream: executive, management, and front line teams. People from the Business and technology work together to discover and deliver work that customers can use and can realize value from it.


Transformation involves a shift in practice and social behaviors and organizational structure to move use from where we are now to where we want to go. It is a years-long journey and involves support from all across the organization. The goal is to realize the highest level of Business value in the quickest amount of time sustainably.

The portal offers a number of tools and approaches to help guide and coach the transformation including Guardrails and the Inflection Point System for deciding among transformation options.

Technical Resources

This provides links to a great set of technical resources on the Net Objectives website.

Value Stream Levels

The Value Stream represents the work involved in the flow of Business value from initial idea to realization of value by the customer. It includes Business Discovery (prioritization, planning, staging, getting ready to pull) and Business Development (iterative development and incremental release).

In Lean-Agile, there are three levels in the value stream: