Technical Resources

page_technicalresourcesAt the team level, Lean-Agile involves significant technical practices. The Technical Resources page of the Net Objectives website offers a significant set of resources to equip you in learning these practices. Sign-in is required to the site but registration is free.

The resources on the site include:

  • Lean-Agile Roadmap. Our method of improving organizations small and large
  • Technical Course Support. Provides access to materials for post-course learning
  • Agile Design. Learn how design patterns and object-oriented analysis & design can vastly help the quality of your code
  • Sustainable TDD. Learn how to avoid the problem of maintaining tests bogging you down.
  • Scaled Agile Framework. Learn a leading method on how to do agility at scale.
  • Lean-Scrum. Learn how Lean can vastly improve your Scrum implementation
  • Kanban. Learn how to do Kanban at both an enterprise and team level
  • FAQs. See answers to some common questions.

Resources in this topic

Emergent Design (Article)
Online Learning (Article)
Team Level (Technical) Supportive Inflection Points (Article)
What Design Method Will Be Used? (Article)