Technology Delivery Manager Library

Role_TDM_LargeThe Technology Delivery Manager (TDM) is responsible for managing the timing of delivery of the product or service, and optimizing the workflow of the program or value stream producing it.

To do this, the TDM role attends to several things at the program level:

  • Making all significant work activity visible
  • Improving the work value stream: removing impediments, improving work process for more effective, consistent and sustainable execution, etc.
  • Understanding the components of the system, how functionality maps to them, and how the system is projected to evolve, so it can manage how it comes together to deliver capability on time (per release roadmap/schedule) and with high integrity
  • Identifying and managing risks that could affect delivery

To do these effectively, the TDM should be familiar with all aspects of Lean-Agile work processes, as well as be well-founded in systems thinking. The most-important systems principle to the TDM is that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This means that integration is more than simply bringing together pieces, but also introduces emergent system-level behaviors that must be projected, observed and managed as part of integration and of this role.

Alternate or related roles:

  • Release Train Engineer (SAFe)
  • Integration Manager
  • Value Stream Manager

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