Application Development Manager

Role_ADM_LargeThis Reading Path introduces the role of the Application Development Manager in Lean-Agile.

The Application Development Manager is the person who has accepted responsibility for the holistic integrity and functionality of the application. This role is responsible for risks associated with architecture and quality. This includes:

  • Knowledge and skills required to develop the application
  • Architecture of the application
  • Coding standards and processes that ensure quality and application integrity
  • Establishing the criteria for being done
  • Ensure the application is always running and will continue to run

In a nutshell, the Application Development Manager role is about the content and the Technology Delivery Manager role is about the timing of delivery.

The Application Development Manager role includes but goes beyond “System/Application Architect.” Architects can specify design reviews and architectural standards; however, they usually don’t get to determine technologies, languages, coding standards. The Application Development Manager does all of this with a focus on overall integrity of the application.

Every program has to have someone who is overseeing the application.

Note: Many organizations call the “Application Development Manager” role the “Technical Lead”.