What Is the Executive Role in Lean and Agile?

The primary responsibilities of an executive in a transformation to Lean and Agile include (1) defining and reinforcing the objectives for the transformation, (2) establishing guardrails that keep the transformation “within bounds,” (3) ensuring that the effort gets the necessary level of resources and support, and (4) providing feedback at the level of the entire system, something that only an executive can provide. This article provides the barest bones of explanation; each responsibility will get further attention, in turn, in other articles in this clinic. Continue reading “What Is the Executive Role in Lean and Agile?”

Why Is SAFe Popular?

SAFe is a very practical approach to applying Agile in mid- to large-scale organizations. This is in large part because SAFe implements a number of practices derived from Lean, and that have proven effective in these larger organizations. This article describes how SAFe implements several of these practices.  Continue reading “Why Is SAFe Popular?”