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What is available to you as a Premium Content subscriber

Here is what is available to you as a Premium Content subscriber.

  • A troll-free forum discussion group, moderated by Net Objectives consultants, to talk about any business or software related topics. There are channels for discussing
  • Reading paths (self-paced learning) for
    • Roles:
      • Agile Coach: Basic
      • Agile Coach: Advanced
      • Application Development Manager
      • Developer
      • Product Manager
      • Product Owner
      • Team Agility Coach
      • Technology Delivery Manager
      • Tester
    • Skills
      • Decomposing requirements
      • Core developer skills
      • Extending Scrum to Lean
      • Facilitation
      • Scrum
  • Scores of webinars
  • In depth content
  • The ability to comment and ask questions on each page.
  • Team Agility Templates
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with Net Objectives consultants on various topics