Al Shalloway at Agile2018

Al's schedule at Agile2018

If you'd like to talk to me, find an open time below and send me an email at alshall @  to schedule a  time to meet with you.

Times available

  • 6-8pm
  • 7-8:30am
  • lunch (internal Lean Transformation Agents only)
  • 5:00-8pm
  • 7-8:30am
  • 10:30am-12pm
  • lunch (internal Lean Transformation Agents only)
  • 5:00-8pm
Wednesday and Thursday - pretty much any time except for what's noted below. Just send me a note.
  • Booked 1-2pm

Related webinar sessions

Provide Feedback

Net Objectives has a lot of new products and services. If any of these are of interest to you, I would love to chat with you at the conference if you are there. If you are not at the conference, write me at and let’s chat on phone after the conference.

Our upcoming Simplifying SAFe Webinar Series August 14th.

Products and services

For practitioners

We are offering free consultations. I am happy just to have chat about what you are trying to do. Not a sales call!

For consultants

We have a few licensing programs around which we are wanting to collaborate with other consultants.

For Internal Transformation Agents

We have a program where you can license our Coaching Academy for Scrum Masters and Agile Team Coaches.  You can let us do the support work or do it yourself. The academy is designed with the latest learning methods and supplies participants a support system for their teams.  For more information, see Coaching Academy for Large Organizations.


Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking (registration required)

In Agile, the focus on self-organization, servant leadership, and self-motivation seems to make management unnecessary. The focus is on trust and respect.

Lean-thinking is based on leadership, systems-thinking, attending to time, a focus on quality and continuous improvement. Edwards Deming postulated that the system that people are in is responsible for 95%+ of the errors that occur. Although people are important, it is exactly because you can trust them and that they are self-motivated that the focus should be on creating a great environment in which they can thrive. Creating such an environment requires management and a systems-thinking point of view.

Lean provides an holistic view for the work done in an organization. However, Agile is as much about culture as it is about process, perhaps more so. What if you don’t have an Agile ‘culture’? Is there anything that we can do about it?

The role of the servant leader in Agile is to combine these two concepts of systems thinking and lean-management to improve the system on behalf of the people reporting to them. Our focus should be on creating great systems for self-motivated, trustworthy people.


The FLEX framework for Lean-Agile transformation and business agility.