An Introduction to Lean-Agile Software Development

The Agile Manifesto defines Agile for many people. However, the manifesto was created at a time what became known as Agile was being done at teams. eXtreme Programming and Scrum, both-team centric methods, were the ones in vogue. However, “Agile” is now being done across entire organizations, and many concepts missing from the manifesto are necessary. These include – the role of management, portfolio management, and systems thinking. In addition, there has been much learned in the last 20 years in the areas of education, Lean, technical agility and more.

An overview of Lean-Agile Software Development (tbd)



Lean-Agile can be thought of as containing the best of Agile while extending it where needed. An example of this is the lesser known second lesson of the parable of the elephant described as an Agile Parable.

It is also important to realize that The Software World Is Not Like the Physical World and What That Means

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