How Value-Driven Organizations Gain Visibility as They Scale Agile (Webinar Session)

September 18, 2018
Al Shalloway and Olga Ikhelis, Targetprocess | Recording

In this webinar, Agile expert, author and thought-leader Al Shalloway, CEO of Net Objectives and Olga Ikhelis, Product Specialist at Targetprocess share how Agile methodology and enterprise-ready tools come together in the real world for true business agility. They will share insights on how to provide greater visibility and collaboration as you scale Agile across large organizations to deliver more customer value.

 Agile frameworks and project management tools should not only be used to organize work, but also to help team leaders and program and portfolio managers make better decisions to prioritize the most important work.

Here is what you will learn.

  • How Lean-Agile thinking connects the dots between your software delivery workflow and business level decision-making.
  • How your peers are already using a healthy combination of process and tools to steer work at the team, project, program and portfolio levels.
  • Why it is essential for your teams to have line of sight into the business value they are asked to create.
  • What functionality to look for in a tool that provides full visibility and measurement into the entire value stream.

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