Preparing Executives, Directors, Managers, and Product Managers for Agile

This page contains recommended reading for executives, directors, managers, and product managers that are preparing for adopting FLEX.  It is useful, however, to prepare these roles for any Lean-Agile adoption. In fact, perhaps even more important because FLEX, being focused on achieving business agility, attends to a few concepts critical for Agile success that are often overlooked by other methods.

The videos and articles are listed in the order to be read.  When both an article or  video are presented select the format you prefer. I advise that all be viewed and/or watched but feel free to limit yourself to the role tags provided and definitely view and/or read those.

The Business Case for Agility. This article and video discuss Agile from a business perspective. In particular, how using Agile methods can lower risk and increase the rate of value delivery while also improving predictability and product quality.   Article    Video (15 minutes).  #All

Minimum Business Increments. Article Video (21 minutes).  MBIs are the key artifact that will be defined and worked on in FLEX. Product managers have a key role in this process. #All

Improving your organization’s cultureLeaders and managers have a responsibility to improve an organization’s culture. This article provides insights about what culture is, how you can improve it and the nature of resistance to change.  (4 pages). #Executives #Directors #Managers

Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps Between Plans, Actions and Results. It is useful to understand why just providing direction is not enough. This is a short recap of this great book by Stephen Bungay. (12 pages) #Executives #Directors #Managers

The role of Leadership and Management. This one-page article discusses how management’s role is neither to micro-manage or just step back but is to create the environment within which teams can work well. It contains a link to a more in-depth article about how to do this. #Executives #Directors #Managers

For those wanting to go deeper

If Russ Ackoff had given a Ted Talk. A 12 minute video that provides the best explanation I’ve seen of systems thinking.

An Overview of FLEX (optional). This is for those who want to get deeper into the entire approach.  See 25 minute video.