Resources for Foundations of Agile

This is the resources page for the Foundations of Agile Module

Resources for Module

The Dot Game is a simple way to teach the essence of Lean, Scrum and Kanban. It takes only an hour to run the game but it can be expanded into a 4-hour session to teach all of Scrum.

Lean-Agile Pocket Guide for Scrum Teams.

Find scrum in X minutes video and put here. 

Scrum Information Radiators

Team Estimation

Visual ControlsVisual controls are  a Lean concept that are much more useful than the Information Radiators of Agile.

The After Action Review (AAR) is one helpful tool for retrospections. It helps a team learn from their experiences in order to gain immediate, concrete improvements in performance. An “action” is any major or routine activity or event that a team of people undertakes, especially those events that they or other similar teams will likely repeat in the future. AARs are used throughout industry, military, and public services. It is a general purpose tool for many situations.