Resources for Pragmatic Agile

This is the resources page for the Pragmatic Agile module

Inherent Simplicity and the Guardrails

Inherent Simplicity and the Guardrails This provides a quick overview of the relationship between inherent simplicity and the guardrails.

The role of the Thinking Processes of TOC by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt This 4 minute video is a great introduction to inherent simplicity.

The Guardrails This provides a complete description of the guardrails.\

Looking Beyond the Agile Team

How Successful Pilots Often Actually Hurt an Organization. There is a risk at looking just at a team.

Strategies for Tracking and Reporting

Why Looking at the Value Stream Is So Important Waste is caused by delays in workflow and feedback. The best way to see these is to map your value stream.

The following blogs provide insights into the causes of waste in software development

Addressing Risks on Agile Teams

The Value Stream Impedance Scorecard (VSIS)

The Team Agility / Scrum Support Page provides many solutions to common challenges being faced by Agile teams.

Measure What Matters


Career Management and Reward Strategies