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Lean-Agile at the Team: A Lean Approach to Scrum and Kanban (online book)

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Net Objectives provides a support system to their clients with their engagements. We make some of it available to the general public. If you are not a client you can subscribe to our Premium Content and get full access to it.

This system is designed for all Scrum practitioners and includes many extensions we’ve made to Scrum as described in the Net Objectives approach to Scrum. We believe that since Scrum is a framework and can be used everywhere, a support system must include practices and artifacts that will be particularly useful for those using Scrum in software development (either product or IT).  This support system is designed for any Scrum team members but includes much of what a Scrum Master will need to understand to become proficient.

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Value Stream Impedance Scorecard (VSIS)

  • The Value Stream Impedance Scorecard is a qualitative method of determining if a change to your system will be an improvement or not. It is used to predict whether a speculated “to be” state will be an improvement over the current “as is” state.
  • What is flow? Flow is the ability to produce value in a continuous manner. “Flow thinking” is using a collection of principles that can be used to reasonably predict when an action will have a positive or negative impact on flow.
  • Using the theory of flow to find your impediments. The best way to measure the impact of delays is reflected in Don Reinertsen’s mantra – “If you quantify one thing quantify the cost of delay.” When making a decision on a workflow improvement experiment, we can gauge its potential effectiveness by anticipating what will happen to our cost of delay. We can then see what actually happens to see if we got improvement or not.

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