Scrum / Team Agility Support System


Exploring Team Agility with Scrum

Here are some useful resources for those who have adopted Scrum:
  • Introduction to Team Agility describes how to do Team-Agility but also provides insights on alternative practices you may find useful in Scrum.
  • Net Objectives' Approach to Scrum is a specialized version of Team-Agility for Scrum that incorporates Systems-Thinking and Agile Product Management.
  • Scrum as Example is a way to start simple by thinking of Scrum as the top drawer of a big toolbox, only going into the bigger toolbox when needed to solve problems.
  • Net Objectives' Scrum Support System 

Training in Scrum with Agile Requirements

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Net Objectives provides a support system for all of their clients at no additional charge. We make some of it available to the general public. If you are not a client you can subscribe to our Premium Content and get access to it.

This system is designed for all Scrum practitioners and includes many extensions we’ve made to Scrum as described in the Net Objectives approach to Scrum. We believe that since Scrum is a framework and can be used everywhere, a support system must include practices and artifacts that will be particularly useful for those using Scrum in software development (either product or IT).  This support system is designed for any Scrum team members but includes much of what a Scrum Master will need to understand to become proficient.

Figure 1 maps some of these offerings to the value stream.

Figure 1. Centers of Excellence.