Shared Services

Elaboration Shared services are services that are shared across Programs. They are different from component teams in that it is more the people that need to be shared rather than the code that is built. Therefore, the arrangements between them and the teams they serve cannot be handled in the technical manner available to component teams such as decoupling of the software.
Considerations To address this inflection point, consider the following:

  • How many teams and Programs are being served by the shared services? Also, consider if any team members can be loaned out or not.
Options Here are options for this inflection point:

  • Temporarily place shared services members on the teams they are supporting. Have them go to the daily standups of both their team and the team they support.
  • Use a kanban board for the shared services team members. Order the backlog based on the prioritization of the MBIs from which the features/stories came from.
Advice Allocating shared service team members to the teams they support is an excellent way to create cross-functional teams. Do this when you can. This can be done even if team members need to be split across two teams. If they need to support more teams than that it is likely better to manage their work with a kanban board.