Net Objectives and Targetprocess

Net Objectives has partnered with Targetprocess to provide a complete solution for a company’s transition to Lean-Agile. Together we provide tailored solutions to your needs that can be based on SAFe or Lean-Agile principles.

The key to our offerings is binding the deep understanding of Lean-Agile principles with the ability of Targetprocess to create visibility of both workflow and artifacts.  While frameworks are useful, directly understanding how to do Lean-Agile is more important. Net Objective’s FLEX operating model, combined with Targetprocess enables companies focus on their real work – identifying concepts of value, implementing them with high quality and having customers realize value quickly.

While many Lean practices require a great deal of experience, when combined with the proper reports and guidance they can be readily adopted.

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Here are the compelling reasons we have partnered with Targetprocess

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