Team-Agility Coaching Academy Support System

This page lists several resources for the Net Objectives University Advanced Scrum Master / Kanban Coach on the job, online workshop.  Some resources require a subscription to gain access.

Templates for Team Agility (Premium Content)

Long-lasting improvement doesn’t come from adopting new practices, but instead from adopting new ways of thinking and behaving. We have created a series of templates to support these new ways of thinking and behaving. These templates are described in our courses.

Team Agility / Scrum Support System

Net Objectives provides a support system to their clients with their engagements. This system is designed for all Scrum practitioners and includes many extensions we’ve made to Scrum as described in the Net Objectives approach to Scrum. We believe that since Scrum is a framework and can be used everywhere, a support system must include practices and artifacts that will be particularly useful for those using Scrum in software development (either product or IT).  This support system is designed for any Scrum team members but includes much of what a Scrum Master will need to understand to become proficient.