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The Next Chasm to Cross


Leveraging Thought Leadership


The Next Chasm To Cross

Frameworks dominate the current efforts for organizations to become more Agile. Frameworks provide ready solutions that offer immediate improvement for many. But overall success is often elusive. The reason is that no one set of practices works everywhere but frameworks are designed around practices. Disciplined Agile and FLEX take a different approach. While we recognize the need for starting with a specific set of practices, we believe these must be tailored for the organization about to adopt them.

FLEX uses theories of Flow, Lean and Theory of Constraints to provide an assessment of where an organization is diverging from effective practices. Disciplined Agile’s “Choose your way of working” provides potential solutions to help close these gaps.

This webinar presents both how and why such an assessment can be made and how it can be used to create a backlog for improving an organization.

PDF of Crossing The Chasm: The Science of Agile


Leveraging Thought Leadership
Al joins us to talk about how he is using thought leadership at the Project Management Institute to help teams and entire businesses learn to become more agile.  We discuss how to scale an idea into a movement, the importance of understanding value stream management, and why leaders need to be in the middle of the pack, not out in front of it.

Agile Musings with Al Shalloway  Al muses on:

  • Chris Alexander Timeless Way of Building
  • Binary thinking, something being either 0 or 1. Life is shades of grey and beware of false dichotomy.
  • Agile Manifesto focusing to much on the team. To narrow in its focus. To much focus just on teams. What about the organization and the structure. How do you align? How do you re-align?
  • Just because you notice your cognitive bias doesn’t mean you are free of it. You still need to be aware of it and act appropriately.
  • Discussion on accountability and ownership.
  • Discussion around different domains and what to use.
  • We talked through a little bit of the Cynefin framework.
  • Eli Goldratt – The Choice
  • Malcolm Gladwell – Blink 
  • Victims and Martyrs the same?

This chapter was an excerpt from FLEX for the Disciplined Agilist: FLow for Enterprise Transformation (online book). It has been edited to fit into the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant workshop. The Table of Contents for the book is here.