Meetings for Lean-Agile

Here is a suggested schedule for the various synchronization meetings.

Scope of the meeting Members Schedule Issues
Delivery Progress Technology Delivery Manager Daily Impediments

Readiness and coordination

Skills, resources, and capacity

Value Progress Product Owner and Analysts Daily Feature and story preparation

Define Business requirements

Validate completed stories

Backlog Refinement Lead TDM

Product Owner

Team Agility Coach

MWF Progress and scope adjustments

Priority, sequence, capacity impacts

Iteration 0 Team Agility Coach

Product Owner


As needed, before a release Teams resourced and ready for iteration

MBIs, Features, stories align with vision

Features sequenced, acceptance criteria defined

Architectural issues identified

Team environment set up

Reporting and metrics established

See also Iteration 0 Checklist in Checklists

Iteration Planning Meeting Team Agility Coach

Product Owner


End of each iteration, prior to next iteration The iteration backlog and committed list

Sizing, ranking, acceptance criteria

Needs of the team environment


See also Iteration Planning Meeting Checklist in Checklists

Daily Stand-up (Team Progress) Team Agility Coach


Product Owner (optional)

Daily or at least weekly (when using two week iterations) Issues and impediments Improvements and adjustments

Planning and coordination

See also Daily Stand-up in Checklists

Product Demonstration and Review Team Agility Coach

Product Owner


End of each iteration Progress on committed work

Stakeholder engagement

Acceptance of stories

See also Product Demonstration and Review in Checklists

Iteration Retrospective Team Agility Coach

Product Owner


End of iteration Product Owner may attend, if:

  • The Product Owner is not also a Product Manager or other manager “over” the team.
  • The team is secure enough to operate in an open, peer-driven way with the Product Owner present.

If a Product Owner attends, they participate like any team member.