Topics we mention at conferences and user group talks

We use this page to list resources we mention at conferences, user group meetings and workshops. The latest additions are at the top. After a month or so they go into sections below ordered by topic.

We are continuously adding to our resource portal. Registering on it by taking login above is a great way to be notified, on a monthly basis (you can opt-out anytime), of when we have added new resources. 

Topics are tagged with where they were mentioned so that you easily find those referenced by event. Recent tags are:

  • Implementing SAFe course 11/29 (ISAFe)
  • Agile SoCal 11/14 (AgileSoCal)
  • Capital One internal Conference 11/6 (CapOne)
  • PMI Silicon Valley Conference 10/22 (PMISV)

Books being written

Achieving Business Agility at Small to Mid-Scale: A Guide to Enterprise Wide Effectiveness With Lean-Agile Patterns. This book provides an alternative to SAFe and LeSS. It can also be used to enhance and simplify both with some of its concepts.

Lean-Agile at the Team: A Lean Approach To Scrum and Kanban. It shouldn’t be either Scrum or Kanban but what’s useful from both that fits your situation.

Organized by topic

Agile Product Management


Leadership and management

Lean-Agile adoption and improvement

Lean-Agile at Scale

Scaled Learning and other workshops

Net Objectives offers a full range of process and technical training. If you are looking to take workshops that are tailored to your needs, or if you need to train many people, please contact Al Shalloway at

  • Truly growing into an effective Scrum Master or Agile Team Coach. Click here to download a self-paced presentation on the academy. If you are considering taking an advanced CSM class or have many Agile coaches to train, check this out. (CapOne)
  • SAFe for Agile Release Trains.
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development for teams and programs including units for teaching Scrum and/or SAFe at the team.
  • Net Objectives Essentials.  A cohesive approach to helping you build your own internal capabilities regarding Lean-Agile methods. From low cost online  FLow for Enterprise Transformation (the equivalent of a three-day Lean-Agile course) and online Foundations of Sustainable Design to intensive Coaching Academy: Team Level and a train the trainer program.
  • Full Business, Management, Lean-Agile and Technical training. and consulting.