Four Things You Must Do At Scale

This blog covers some of the ideas in the first session of our upcoming webinar series on Tuning SAFe. It’s actually an adaptation of our Lean-Agile experience into the SAFe model so it will be useful for anyone attempting or doing Agile at scale. The first session, called ‘Rationale of SAFe’, discusses the four key elements of an Agile transformation.

Why Agile Should be More Predictable Than Waterfall

Many executives have been led to believe that Agile is inherently less predictable than a waterfall approach. However, Agile, when wrapped in Lean Thinking, can be more predictable because it enables working directly on the true causes of unpredictability in software development. Waterfall’s large projects and stage gate approach cause delays in feedback, workflow, testing and integration. These delays inherently create a significant amount of rework (redoing requirements, reworking code that missed requirements, finding bugs, thrashing during integration). This work, of course, is never planned for, hence the bad estimates. When the projects are de-scoped to meet time constraints, many of the less important features have already been done. This means a lower number of features are delivered and many of these were not of the highest value.