Adopting SAFe® at Small to Mid-Scale Overview

This article is for someone considering SAFe® for their small to mid-scale adoption. Many organizations are adopting SAFe because it provides a method for multiple teams to work better together. SAFe is attractive because it provides more structure than “Scrum-of-Scrums” and provides guidance on business strategy, budgeting, management, shared services and DevOps. But it can also be overly complicated, particularly for small to medium sized organizations.

How Value-Driven Organizations Gain Visibility as They Scale Agile (Webinar Session)

n this webinar, Agile expert, author and thought-leader Al Shalloway, CEO of Net Objectives and Olga Ikhelis, Product Specialist at Targetprocess share how Agile methodology and enterprise-ready tools come together in the real world for true business agility. They will share insights on how to provide greater visibility and collaboration as you scale Agile across large organizations to deliver more customer value.

Four Things You Must Do At Scale

This blog covers some of the ideas in the first session of our upcoming webinar series on Tuning SAFe. It’s actually an adaptation of our Lean-Agile experience into the SAFe model so it will be useful for anyone attempting or doing Agile at scale. The first session, called ‘Rationale of SAFe’, discusses the four key elements of an Agile transformation.

How can We Use SAFe® in Smaller Organizations?

SAFe can be applied to smaller scales than those for which it was designed by treating it, not as an “off-the-shelf” approach, but rather as a thinking framework and collection of valuable practices to be mined according to an organization’s situation.