A Lean Approach to Scrum

The Net Objectives approach to Scrum is an operating model for the team based on Lean Thinking with the intention of enabling teams adopting Scrum to be more effective. By adopting Scrum as an operating model instead of a framework it can be better applied in situations that don’t fit the Scrum’s immutable Scrum’s roles, events, artifacts, and rules. It can be used anywhere Scrum is used.

Scrum as Example

Scrum by Example is designed to help those doing Scrum to improve it and/or to transcend it. At Net Objectives we are neither pro-Scrum nor anti-Scrum, we are pro what works. Many people start with Scrum only to discover not all of the prescribed practices fit their situation. Unfortunately, they are told they must follow these until the understand them. But very often these are not truly the right practices for all of the teams. Many people forget that Scrum was designed for product development by a team. Now, however, it is mostly used in IT and maintenance areas.

Introduction to Team Agility

Team Agility is based on Lean-Thinking and Agile. It can be considered an integration of Scrum, Kanban and eXtreme Programming based on Lean-Thinking. It is based on principles which have proven to be valuable and recognizes no one-size-fits-all. Team Agility is defined by looking at what is needed to be accomplished at the team level and then incorporates practices of Scrum and Kanban when appropriate. This enables a concrete set of practices while being tailored for the teams using it.