The Learning Philosophy of Team Agility

Scrum is a good, simple, team framework. But instead of using the framework to encourage change, it is better to directly teach what teams need to do and explain how the framework helps. In addition, a support system for guiding people with common challenges they are likely to face and a program to mature new Scrum Masters will lower the need for expensive embedded coaching. This article explains the learning philosophy of the Net Objectives approach to Scrum.

Double-Loop Learning

Double loop learning is the modification or rejection of a goal / approach in the light of experience.

Online Learning

Online Learning offers self-guided courses on a variety of topics. You can track your progress as you study each course. These are powered on Thinkific.

Learning Support

The Learning page helps you explore the wealth of resources to support your transition to Lean-Agile. There are learning paths which are guided readings on roles and important topics. topics. And there are self-study courses.