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    Al Shalloway


    Does anyone have some content I could use to share to my team about using Lean / Agile / Kanban method to track both business and tech work? I started a startup and I want to use Agile / Kanban method to track our work, and show why and how to do this with my team.

    Ideally, it would include process to create roadmap, and list of things to do in a backlog, including business tasks (e.g. Marking tasks, HR tasks), and technology development tasks. We would then use some sort of Leanban / scrumban method to visually show the tasks in a kanban board, but then do it so that there’s some commitment on what to release and when, like a sprint.

    Honestly, I know SCRUM and Kanban separately very well, but I have not been exposed to combining them too much, so any content to help me understand the concept would be helpful. And then further, I want to share this with my team, so if there’s any slides that I can use, that would be terrific. I hope I’m not asking too much here!

    Thank you.


    Al Shalloway

    You could find some value in looking at our leanban materials.
    look at the quick links on the upper right of http://portal.netobjectives.com/pages/library/leanban/

    James Trott

    I would also suggest starting to read through the FLEX pages: http://portal.netobjectives.com/pages/flex/
    FLEX is taking the place of Leanban in our thinking.

    Jim Trott

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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