The Net Objectives Guardrails System

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The Net Objectives Guardrails System: A Conversation with Al Shalloway

Al Shalloway and Jim Trott talk about the Guardrails System, a holistic system of six agreements that people in an organization make that work together to keep all roles across the value stream aligned and on track in the transition to Lean-Agile.

Here are the agreements. We agree to
  • Work on items that will have us realize the greatest amount of Business value across the enterprise,
  • Collaborate with each other in order to maximize the realization of Business value across the enterprise,
  • Ensure that all work will be made visible, Take the necessary steps to sustain or increase predictability,
  • Keep the work throughout the value stream within our capacity, and
  • Encourage everyone to strive for continuous improvement

These agreements have the following purposes:

  1. Align everyone in the value stream and in particular the business with IT/Development
  2. Make the work being done by IT/Development be more efficient
  3. Increase the overall value realized by the organization