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Justifying TDD: A Conversation with Scott Bain

Scott Bain and Jim Trott talk about overcoming the challenges people often have to adopting Test-Driven Development in their organization. A big part of doing TDD effectively is coming to an agreement as to what it is, why we want to do it, and how to do it.

We cover questions such as:

  • The return on the investment in TDD… for everyone
  • Developers already have a full-time job.  Why should we give them another one?
  • Won’t TDD slow down the development process?
  • If the developers write tests, won’t they simply be doing the same work as testers, and if so isn’t this wasteful?
  • How does TDD help distributed teams?
  • As the test suite grows in size, won’t this become a massive burden?
  • What are situations where TDD does not work?

In addition, Scott points us to helpful resources such as his excellent website, www.sustainabletdd.com.