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If you’ll be at the SAFe Summit and want to meet me or have a free consultation please let me know.

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You can learn more about how Net Objectives does SAFe here.

Minimum Business Increments (MBIs)

Net Objectives Thoughts

The Net Objectives Thoughts blog offers insights and opinions from thought leaders and experts in all aspects of Lean-Agile software development: business, management, process, and technical. Here are recent posts from Net Objectives Thoughts:


Lean-Agile Straight Talk

Lean-Agile Straight Talk is a regular podcast series from Net Objectives featuring interviews with Al Shalloway and with Net Objectives coaches and trainers. You can sign up for regular updates in iTunes or your newsreader. Here are recent episodes from Lean-Agile Straight Talk:


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The Net Objectives Events news feed shows upcoming events at Net Objectives including training, webinars, and seminars. Here are recent announcements of events: