This appendix contains articles and videos that anyone reading this book would find valuable.

Net Objectives


Additional Resources

Lean-Agile Product Management

Article on the Minimum Business Increment.

Article on Create Clarity on What Represents Value for the Business and Its Customers

Lean-Agile Product Management white paper.

Acceptance Test-Driven Development

Acceptance Test-Driven Development using Behavioral-Driven Development

Benefits of Acceptance Test-Driven Development using Behavior-Driven Development.

Case Studies

Cross-functional teams: Improving communication between people who work together.

Aligning Multiple Teams with Lean-Agile Thinking.

Product Manager and Product Owner (Case Study).

Planning Events

Running Effective Planning Events.

Read Dependency Management, Collaboration and Planning at Small-scale which describes different ways of running planning events


Leadership and Management.

Watch a recording of Al Shalloway’s Agile 2018 presentation Lean Leadership and Systems Thinking.