Attend to Culture

Improving an organization requires attention to its culture. Here are some of the factors to attend to in a Lean-Agile adoption.

  • How attached people are to their roles (because Scrum and SAFe require new roles for people)
  • The rate that people want to move forward (because if it is slow, Scrum and SAFe may have problems)
  • The amount of discipline needed (because if it is high, Kanban have problems)
  • How likely it is that people will resist an approach that is mandated on them (because if resistance is high, Scrum and SAFe may have problems)
  • Whether people prefer having a structure imposed on them
  • How much people already know (because if people already know a lot, standard training may be a waste of time and increase resistance)
  • How much more people think they know than they actually do (because this changes the approach to engagement and training)

As obvious as these factors may seem, they are often ignored when beginning an adoption. It is very important that they be attended to.