Scrum from a Disciplined Agile Perspective

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Comparing Disciplined Agile and Scrum

Disciplined Agile Scrum is not merely Scrum with options. It is based on a different mindset. While Scrum is based on empirical process control – a combination of transparency, inspection, and adaption. Disciplined Agile, on the other hand, is based on flow, lean, Theory of Constraints, organizational development and human behavior. It enables choosing how to work based on the best way to meet the objectives of a role, practice, artifact, or event based on the context you are in.

Scrum’s lack of theory, however, requires its roles, events, artifacts and rules to be immutable because it presents no theory that can be used to choose a different way of working. This, however, often have teams persist in using Scrum’s core in situations where better practices exist.

While it may take a little more for a coach to learn all of the aspects of Disciplined Agile, its ability to create a fit for purpose start to teams makes it much easier to use and adjust.  A good coach can provide options they see as appropriate.  When a prescription is desired, one that is tailored for the team can be readily provided.

DA Scrum and Scrum Guide Scrum Are Based on Different Mindsets

The posts are written from the mindset of Disciplined Agile. This provides insights into further differences between Disciplined Agile and Scrum..

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