Playbooks Provided for Categories of Challenges

This section of the portal is for supporting the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Workshop (DAVSC), currently under development. Discussions on the pages here will take place on the Disciplined Agile LinkedIn group.


While companies are always unique, many tend to operate in similar ways. It’s interesting to speculate on why this happens, but all that’s really necessary is to see how the behaviors of companies mostly fall into one of a half-dozen or so patterns of behavior. This enables Disciplined Agile FLEX to provide a playbook that is tailored to a company’s situation. We call this a contextually based prescription.

Although the playbooks are well-defined and can be used as a starting point as is, each contains a variety of choices. Each playbook provides templates in which to specify the chosen options for the company adopting them. These templates are included at the end of the playbook

Playbooks are being created for each of the following categories:

  1. No well-defined intake process exists
  2. Stagnated SAFe
  3. Discovery overloads implementation with too much work
  4. Teams are doing Scrum to a degree but don’t know how to coordinate with each other and are not always organized well.
  5. Have cascading workflows
  6. Business Agility Transformation
  7. Full playbook

Managing the Change

Keeping informed of what you’re doing is critical. These playbooks are designed to be customized as needed. An straightforward way to do this is to have a file that people start with a file containing something such as this:

Overall Plan

The PMI is undergoing a transformation using its own Disciplined Agile FLEX system. DA FLEX is not a prescriptive approach as most other methods are. However, it contains a number of playbooks for organizations that are particular sets of challenges.  In our case, our playbook is for when there is no well-defined intake process.  Please read that now as it provides an overview of our approach. This approach has been tailored for us. These adjustments are in the following documents (put links to each of the documents:

  • <file name with link to get there>: Description of what the file contains
  • <file name with link to get there>: Description of what the file contains
  • <file name with link to get there>: Description of what the file contains

Improvement cases

We are also collecting areas where we can improve our requirements process. Please look here and add any that you think would be useful.  These will be used to define and justify our new definition of ready. .

Management Board

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