DA FLEX is based on Flow, Lean, Theory of Constraints, organizational development and human behavior.  By being agnostic, it can be used to improve any situation and that includes failed or stagnated approaches of other methods of Agile at scale. We have created a DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe for several reasons:

  1. many SAFe adoptions either fail outright or stagnate within 6 months
  2. these failures/stagnations occur because of how SAFe is designed. This means that they fail/stagnate in a similar manner
  3. this pattern of failure/stagnation can be readily reversed with a single playbook that takes advantage of DA FLEX’s architecture around the value stream and several essential practices that are in DA FLEX but not in SAFe
  4. this playbook is designed so that company’s can take advantage of what they’ve learned/accomplished with SAFe
  5. internal consultants can even use the DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe and still call it SAFe if they need to be using SAFe.

The Disciplined Agile FLEX Playbook for SAFe. This recording presents a 75 minute overview of how to use DA FLEX to improve SAFe.

The Main differences between DA FLEX and SAFe.  DA FLEX has a very different mindset from what SAFe is based on. This page spells out much of the differences.

Useful Information For SAFe Consultants and Practitioners

Portfolio and Product Management