DAVSC Background and Parallel Learning

This section of the portal is for supporting the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Workshop (DAVSC), currently under development. Discussions on the pages here will take place on the Disciplined Agile LinkedIn group.


The Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant and DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe are intense, information filled workshops that cover more topics in depth and breadth than many others. Even though both require a considerable Agile background, it is not possible to cover everything that is useful. Nor is it necessary. Much learning can take place on one’s own part. This page serves as a starting point for readings and viewings of materials on topics that will support one’s Agile endeavors. The intention is to provide some of the theory on which DA FLEX is built.  DA FLEX has been created using the scientific process where everything in it is up for question. While creators of all approaches, including DA FLEX’s, have cognitive bias, we have used the scientific process to continuously challenge and refine DA FLEX. The background readings provide much of the theory used in this process.

The articles are organized by general topic as follows:

Links will be provided as the materials become available. Anything linked to now is ready to be viewed or read. The most important items to read/view are in bold.

The Theory and Principles Underneath DA FLEX

This section is not necessary to read in order to understand DA FLEX. However, many attendees of our workshops have asked for more of the theory underneath DA FLEX. This section provides much of that.

Being an effective coach

The Explore the Team Agility Coach Role page has an enormous amount of information that will help coaches. For the purposes of this workshop, starting with the Team Agility Coach Reading Path is suggested.

How to Improve or Change Your Practices is quite useful, especially at the team level.

Creating Curriculum

Managing in a Complex Environment

Note: This session will have accompanying recorded PowerPoint sessions before long.

Articles Designed to Explain Lean-Agile

This section contains articles that are useful to explain to people why Lean-Agile is a good thing.

Lean-Agile Should Be More Predictable Than Waterfall

Value Streams and Flow

  • Value Streams and Why They Are So Important. This is a landing page for value stream related pages.
  • The Resource Utilization Trap by Henrik Kniberg. When you watch this, imagine what it’d look like if a line was drawn as the balls move. What would the manager think if he could see these lines? Henrik does a beautiful job of showing how we should look at throughput, but it also gives an indication about what to look at without any metrics. Watch the flow, not how busy people are.

SAFe Related

Miscellaneous Topics