Deeper Studies for Those on Their Agile Journey

This page provides concepts that we’ve found to be helpful for those on their Agile journey as a coach or team leader. They are organized by topic. Most of the concepts here are based on flow, lean, or Theory of Constraints than the classic Agile as defined by the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.  While we will always be indebted to the Manifesto, it is no longer the leading source of what Agile is or how to achieve it.

This page is a work in process. Links will be added as pages become available. 

Product Management


Quality of Process

Systems Thinking

  • System thinking
  • ENvironments affect behavior
  • Role of management

Quality of Product

  • Quick feedback is important
  • Lean what the customer wants and detect errors
  • Avoid technical debt

Customer Focus

  • Operational value streams
  • Quick feedback is important
  • Learn Fast
  • Focus on the customer

Quality of coaching

  • What to say when someone just doesn’t get it
  • Pickup sticks model of coaching