Pre-work for the DA Value Stream Consultant Workshop

  1. The Business Case for Agility.  (20 minutes). Agile is often described as iteratively building software in increments. This is a focus on the team and the mechanics of how they work. It is more effective to focus on the reason for being Agile – achieving business agility. Business agility is the ability to deliver highest business value quickly, predictably, sustainably and with high quality. Building software is not our goal, realizing business value is. Software is often a component of this, of course.
  2. Understanding Our Inherent Problem. (15 minutes) Most companies manage in an hierarchical fashion. But our work flows across the organization. The hierarchical management of people conflicts with what should bes being managed – the value being added across the value stream. This sets the stage and justification for the dual operating system espoused by Hamel, Denning, Kersten and McCrystal
  3. Agile Coach (Advanced): Successful Pilots Can Hurt Going Agile. (10 minutes) It is seductive to think about scaling Agile up from teams to the enterprise. It seems the correct path to take because you can almost always find a team or two where Agile methods lead to great improvements over Waterfall methods. But what works for a few teams at the local level often obscures the bigger picture: creating enterprise agility. Enterprise agility is the ability for an organization to deliver value quickly when needed. Sadly, I have seen many organizations achieve many successes locally – Team Agility – and move even further away from enterprise agility.
  4. Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps Between Plans, Actions and Results. (20 minutes) Short re-cap of this great book by Stephen Bungay.
  5. This will be an article that combines (10 minutes):
  6. Lean Primer (5-8 pages) (20 minutes)

Total 90 minutes