The DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe

This section of the portal is for supporting the Disciplined Agile Value Stream Consultant Workshop (DAVSC), currently under development. Discussions on the pages here will take place on the Disciplined Agile LinkedIn group.


The DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe is a set of essential concepts and required actions that will improve your SAFe adoption. This talk covers the following:

    • Our Inherent Problem – what value streams are and why they are so important
    • The Minimum Business Increment
    • Focused solution teams
    • What SAFe Provides us and the DA FLEX Playbook for SAFe

You can see the talk on YouTube here.

Pdf for talk

You can see an article on the playbook here.

Some Corrections for SAFe

Improving SAFe’s WSJF.  SAFe made two changes to Don Reinertsen’s WSJF.  The first is using size instead of time.  Although they’ve walked back on this one (they now say you can use either time or size) it illustrates a lack of Lean perspective.  The other is the non-sequitur of calculating cost of delay on things that are bigger than you need to release (epics) or usually will not get value released on their own (features).

SAFe refers to MMFs in Lean UX, but the way MMFs are defined in this has no bearing to Denne and Cleland-Huang’s MMFs in Software By Numbers. Oddly enough, MMFs are not mentioned in Lean UX, an awesome book.

MVPs are intended to be used for new products. But SAFe uses them for both new and existing products. This weakens their value.

SAFe slightly redefines the value stream to its detriment. I have written two posts on this: