The Disciplined Agile Self-Study Page

Disciplined Agile is an agnostic approach based on Lean, Flow, Theory of Constraints, organizational development and human behavior. Although Disciplined Agile presents a curriculum intended to work at both the team and at scale, it can be used to assist other approaches as well. The PMI is committed to helping practitioners regardless of the approach they take. These pages are designed to provide the insights embedded in Disciplined Agile. They are intentionally presented in an agnostic manner with the exception of DA FLEX which only makes sense to show as it’s organized. But even there it can be used to improve SAFe adoptions.

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The Disciplined Agile Mindset

Most Agile approaches are based on frameworks. DA is based on a taking a scientific approach that combines theory and practice to enable practitioners to create an effective approach based on their needs while not having to reinvent the wheel.

These pages provide the mindset of Disciplined Agile

Team Agility

Disciplined Agile is a blend of practices based on what works. While it can be considered to be a hybrid approach, it really is a combination of practices that are useful for a team’s particular situation that are selected based on the science of Flow, Lean and ToC.


Agility at Scale

Disciplined Agile takes an holistic approach to Agile at scale. It is based on looking at the value stream, not getting teams to work and scaling up.