Select an Approach that Adapts to You, Not One You Have to Adapt To

Improvement, but its very nature, requires change. But how you make change and what you change to are all important questions.  In this day of accelerating disruption it is no longer sufficient to keep up. More nimble companies will continue to outpace less nimble ones.

You cannot lead the field, however, by following other’s styles. Amazon, Google, Apple and other leading companies became who they are by being who they are. If you do not have a vision and unique proposition for being, nothing you do will really matter.  Merely keeping up in these days of disruption is a slow spiral down.

Besides differences in vision, you have a different culture, set of skills, opportunities, and more. How we can both take advantage of our strengths while also strengthening our weaknesses.  No one set approach can accomplish this.

But, of course, you don’t want to, nor need to, reinvent the wheel. A straightforward approach is all that is needed. After two decades of Agile and Lean it is pretty well known what to do. The challenge is getting people to do it. Frameworks take a one-sized approach because that’s what enables large scale marketing of their approach. But it doesn’t mean they are better. They do not attend to the culture you have nor will they move you to the unique culture you want to improve to.

Fortunately a tailored approach is not more, but less expensive to adopt. By fitting to your organization people will not only embrace it more quickly, but the change will be easier. This involves a six step process.

  1. Understand the workflow and structure of an effective organization.
  2. See where you are compared to that.
  3. Understand the challenges you are having.
  4. Identify the potential solutions to these challenges.
  5. Create a roadmap for solving these challenges in the order that will be most effective.
  6. Begin and continuously improve

This is the process we follow to help you create your own pathway to success.