Simplicity Factor: Level of Collaboration

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Why look at this

When workload exceeds capacity people tend to multi-task. This:

  • makes people less effective
  • causes delays in the workflow and in getting feedback which creates waste
  • delays the realization of value
  • makes it difficult to collaborate

Symptoms that  collaboration is not what it could be

  • Workflows are not visible
  • What’s being worked on is not visible
  • Do people collaborate based on what’s important across teams
  • Cadence and synchronization
  • are teams working with cadence and regular synchronization

What causes this

Common causes are:

  • lack of alignment on what’s most important to be worked on
  • HR policies that reward individuals or teams based on their own performance

What we want to achieve

People working together to minimize the cost of delay of what’s being created.

Common solutions

Other simplicity factors that are directly related to this one

  1. how workload relates to capacity
  2. efficiency of the value streams
  3. batch size
  4. management
  5. how planning is being done
  6. quality of the product