The Guardrails During Release and Realization

Release and realization is more than a development or ops endeavor. Customer support, marketing and other non-development parts of the organization are involved.

Work on items that will realize the greatest amount of Business value across the enterprise

Development teams need to be prepared to assist in this last step of release and realization. This is much of the focus of DevOps but must extend to other non-development activities.

Collaborate with each other in order to maximize the realization of Business value across the enterprise

Collaboration implies a common goal. Without this clarify different parts of the organization will be working at cross-purposes without realizing it.

Ensure that all work will be made visible

Development groups must make the work heading to ops and other support groups visible. But these groups must make what they need from development clear as well.

Take the necessary steps to sustain or increase predictability

The last couple of inches, so to speak, is often where significant delays are. These must be considered just as important as delays anywhere else within the value stream.  Downstream teams must inform any upstream groups of the challenges they may be causing.

Keep the work throughout the value stream within capacity

It is not acceptable for development to focus on their workload if it will overload downstream groups.

Encourage everyone to strive for continuous improvement

Most of the challenges organizations have are when work goes between different groups. Improving this interaction is key.