What to do to Overcome Your Challenges

This section provides two different ways to look at how to solve your challenges. The first section goes through the different parts of the value stream.  The second talks about what it takes to improve a particular challenge.

Steps to Adopting FLEX

Each page here illustrates what it takes to improve the concept mentioned as well as what gets improved.

Top activities  required to improve flow in an organization are marked with an ‘*’ and illustrated in the figure below:

Key practices for success

FLEX Basics

  • Systems Thinking and FLEX Foundation Workshop *
  • Roles

FLEX Portfolio

FLEX Development

  • Organize teams around a product mindset*
  • Have an effective Intake workflow*
  • Train teams in Agile integrated with Acceptance Test-Driven Development*
  • DevOps Stage 1*
  • Program Level Planning*
  • Cadence and synchronization of teams*
  • Shared Services

FLEX Technical

  • DevOps Stage 2
  • Automated testing
  • Emergent design

Common challenges to overcome

How to solve each of your challenges

Challenges don’t randomly occur. There is a pattern to what causes them. Each common challenges’ common root caused is discussed.

  • Takes too long to get anything done
  • Working on too many things
  • Strategy not clear to company
  • Ineffective budgetary process
  • Work Items not properly prioritized
  • Lack of visibility
    • No line of site to strategy
    • Workflows not seen
    • Ghost IT
  • Poor intake workflow
  • Chunks of work too big
  • Unclear requirements
  • High technical debt
  • Insufficient collaboration
  • Limited skills / expertise
  • Integration errors
  • Problems discovered late
  • Ops blindsided and pulled in many directions