Implementation Patterns

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The implementation patterns are those patterns created outside of the flex system that can be wrapped by FLEX. The diagrams showing how they fit into FLEX in no way implies any endorsement of this by the authors of the methods being wrapped.

FLEX and FAST Agile

FAST Agile is an excellent method for groups under 125 people to self-organize and self-allocate capacity to work that needs to be done. It readily fits into FLEX’s value stream approach. This enables practitioners to take advantage of FAST while getting the advanced portfolio and product management of FLEX.


Mob Programming

Mob programming is starting to take the Agile community by storm – and for good reason. Where it can be used true productivity and morale have shot up.

Essential SAFe®

Most people using SAFe use the Essential SAFe configuration. Even smaller companies need many of the concepts in the richer configurations, but their added complexity keeps them from being adopted. If you are currently using Esential SAFe and want a simpler, more effective portfolio / product management system than Full SAFe provides, try wrapping your current solution in FLEX.