Starting and Sustaining a Lean-Agile Adoption of SAFe Using FLEX as a Guide

When starting an enterprise improvement initiative, we must keep what appears to be two opposing issues in mind:

  • people need a well-defined approach to work from (e.g., a framework such as Scrum or SAFe) so that they are clear on what they need to do
  • whatever is used needs to be tailored for their context so that it is effective

The resolution of this conflict is having a well defined start, but considering it just a start.  A scorecard that can provide insights into your challenges and how to improve them is also necessary. In this way you can start in a well defined manner based on your needs and then move towards improvements incrementally.  Whenever we start an adoption of a new approach, we need to consider the following:

  1. the intention of the improvement initiative
  2. where is your organization in relationship to this (that is, identify your challenges)
  3. how you should start
  4. how to lay out a tentative roadmap for your adoption
  5. how to start the roadmap
  6. how to continue moving forward after starting