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Net Objectives offers some of the most comprehensive Lean-Agile training in the world. We are experts in all of the main Lean-Agile methods and topics: Lean, SAFe®, Kanban, Scrum, and technical agility. Visit our complete course catalog at

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Resources for technical agility courses

Design Patterns Thinking

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Course description: Design Patterns Thinking helps participants learn to use design patterns to support Agile development. Design patterns enable the emergent design that is needed on Agile projects. Although patterns at one time were thought of as a “design up-front technique, they can be used in Agile projects to encapsulate variations that are discovered over time.  For development organizations to thrive in an Agile environment, it is critical that the systems they create are not vulnerable to changing requirements, business priorities, technologies, or market pressures.

Sustainable Test-Driven Development

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Course description: Sustainable Test-Driven Development teaches participants the skills of unit testing, refactoring, and incremental development. We take it farther than this. Unless developers are trained about which tests to write, how to write them, when to refactor code, and the techniques for breaking dependencies, testing can become unsustainable as projects mature. The course discusses how to make Test-Driven Development sustainable with a focus on deriving maximum value (technical and business) from minimal effort and cost. The material is consistent with the concepts being developed at

Resources for Non-Technical Courses

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