Lean-Agile Clinics

The Lean-Agile Clinics offer lessons learned from thought leaders and opportunities to ask for help or suggest ideas for lessons. The clinics will grow over time as we learn more. There are several clinics, each with a variety of topics. Each clinic has a number of sub-topics. 

Agile at Scale Clinic

AgileAtScaleClinicCoverWe have helped dozens of organizations transform to Lean-Agile at scale. Transformation can happen at all levels including large-scale. Off-the-shelf solutions seldom satisfy the needs. Transformation must be driven by an organization’s unique situation.

The Agile at Scale Clinic focuses on the issues of transformation at scale. Topics include Foundations for Agile at Scale, Agile at Mid-ScaleAgile at Large-Scale, and SAFe (a well-known framework for large-scale transformation).

Leadership and Management Clinic

LeadershipManagementClinicCoverIn Lean-Agile environments, management place a critical role. Some of the duties are the same as any other environment and some are different: Budgets and resource allocation and prioritization and skill development and coordination to name a few. The Leadership and Management Clinic focuses on the many challenges that management fill face.

Coaching and Transformation Clinic

CoachingAndTransformationClinicCoverTransformation involves a change in social behavior across the organization. It is a journey of many years. Leaders and Coaches bear the responsibility for helping the organization realize this transformation. The Coaching and Transformation Clinic focuses on what it takes to facilitate this change and how to work with teams and management and other stakeholders. It addresses the concerns faced in transition at all levels of the organization.