Agile at Scale: Overview

AgileAtScaleClinicCoverWe have trained hundreds of Scrum teams. We have also talked to hundreds of other teams using Scrum. We have found that many Scrum teams start out with great success only to plateau. This stagnation occurs for several reasons. For mid-size to large organizations (>200 developers) these reasons include:

What to expect

Most teams that undertake the Scrum Tuneup Coaching Workshop experience an immediate improvement in methods as well as a renewed interest in continuing the improvement on their own.

Why do we this in a coaching format and not a training format?

We do offer courses that teach Scrum. However, the Scrum Clinic Coaching Workshop is intended for teams already doing Scrum. Since each team is different, having a set agenda would not be efficient. Therefore we start by discerning what is needed and then addressing that. Coaches who do the workshop are also instructors in our Scrum training and Technical Team training – so they can provide on-the-spot training that is needed during the workshop.