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LeadershipManagementClinicCoverThe Leadership and Management Clinic provides guidance for executives and managers in the midst of a transformation to Lean and Agile. While many books, articles, and other resources exist for teams, far less support exists executives and managers. This clinic is designed to fill that gap.

Some of the major questions that executives and managers have fall into the following areas:

  • Process and Culture. What changes will need to happen in the larger organization, including process and culture changes, to make the Lean-Agile transformation successful?
  • Roles and Responsibilities.  What role should these executives and managers play, during each stage of the transformation? What is the difference between leadership and management in a Lean and Agile context?
  • Success and Alignment. What does success with Lean and Agile look like, from their standpoint? How will they know that Lean-Agile transformation is staying in alignment with larger corporate objectives?

We will be regularly updating this clinic with new content, so stay tuned.

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